La pinza del freno è montata radialmente e richiede solo distanziatori per cambiare la dimensione del disco. Rear Shock - 2019 Fox Factory Float X2 2 Position lever. Travis Engel 3 years ago. Samstag von 9 Uhr bis 13 Uhr. There’s apparently £15,000 of alloy and a week’s machine time in each, all done in-house. Chiudono l’allestimento di questa Hope Hb.160 i cerchi (sempre Hope) larghi ben 35 mm che trasmettono una precisione di guida e un comfort sui tratti più scassati veramente notevole e il manubrio in carbonio da 780 mm realizzato grazie all’avvio della nuova catena di produzione del carbonio. Read our full Privacy Policy as well as Terms & Conditions. Dein Bike braucht das! Learn More. There’s apparently £15,000 of alloy and a week’s machine time in each, all done in-house. Il grip offerto dalle gomme Maxxis con cerchi da 35 mm è più che abbondante ovunque. If you want the full Hope component range on your HB, select the Hope Crankset package and get the Hope cranks, direct mount chain ring and bottom bracket spacers fitted to your bike in any of the classic Hope anodized colours. – Cura costruttiva: 9 Ma curve in appoggio, salti e compressioni sono quello che fa per lei. Unser Sortiment bietet über 50.000 Fahrradprodukte. It all sounds simple put like that, but the whole process has required a lot of learning and joining forces with experts that previously built British Cycling’s carbon track bikes. And more importantly, with just as little regard for market demands. Il sottoscritto, alto 170 cm e con altezza di sella di circa 70 cm, ha utilizzato una taglia M. The Hope HB 211 started as a concept bike. – Efficienza in frenata: 9 Photo courtesy of Hope Technology - We will never sell your data and you'll only get messages from us and our partners whose products and services we think you'll enjoy. Brayton RAW HB.160 Vtt par 26in le 10 février 2017 We believe every child should be able to enjoy riding the highest quality lightweight bikes that always fit. Der Vollständigkeit halber ausprobiert . Escapade7. N.B. Because it was built as a one off, they weren’t constrained by current industry standards. Hope Technology is a leading manufacturer of almost every part of a bicycle including hubs, brakes, headset, stems, bottom brackets and lights, all except a full bike until 2018 when Hope revealed their first, long-awaited, bike – the HB.160. Please enter your email so we can keep you updated with news, features and the latest offers. Theft Description Stolen from outside pub in view of the window, went to the bar, when I sat down the bike had gone. Stupisce la rigidità del carro con perno passante da 17 mm e battuta da 130 mm, e come dicevamo la solidità dell’avantreno. The stays are also moved out on the driveside to provide a better chainline, and in for more clearance on the non-drive side. Unit 3, 8 Castleton Road, Hope, Hope Valley, Derbyshire, S33 6RD. Posted by Hope Technology Ltd on Mittwoch, 21. Organisch. Dank der Kombination aus Kinematik und Federbein lässt sich das Hope HB-160 effizient beschleunigen. 20 Jahre Erfahrung - Riesige Auswahl - Schneller Versand - Trusted Shop und persönliche Beratung. I've Ridden. Öffnungszeiten . Mo. Theft Description Stolen from outside pub in view of the window, went to the bar, when I sat down the bike had gone. Fermer . von nuts. La Hope Hb.160 si pedala bene considerato il fatto che abbiamo ben 160 mm di escursione a disposizione. – Posizionamento ammortizzatore: 10 – Efficienza sospensione posteriore in salita: 8 It’s designed to be as stiff as possible, with any compliance and lateral frame feel the job of the aluminium stays. Hope’s long awaited Bike manufacturing debut is finally here! Hope attraverso questo progetto ha potuto spingersi oltre gli standard e le regole di una produzione in serie. Gruppe 2017 - Tests: Hope HB-160. Even though the bike’s prototype has already raced EWS rounds, forget about Hope’s first effort being just Enduro-specific. Shifters - Sram X01 Eagle - 12spd. The World's biggest biking photo gallery of photos like, crashes, north shore. Hope Rahmen. United Kingdom . Poiché i prodotti Hope, sono realizzati utilizzando i processi che la maggior parte delle aziende utilizza solo per produrre i loro primi prototipi, cioè lavorati a CNC, realizzare gli stampi non è stato difficile. This was designer Guillaume’s typical local riding; technical footpaths and balcony trails that have eyeballs on stalks trying to process all the information to keep safe. Hope tech hb 160, carbon frame, hope bars and hope stem, hope rims with hope hubs, yellow rear spring shock, ohlins 160mm forks, hope crank and pedals, hope tech brakes. Photo courtesy of Hope Technology - £7,500 is big money, but in the flesh it’s special, and considering it’s a British hand-made carbon frame jammed with one-of-a-kind equipment, the price isn’t out of line with boutique Taiwanese-made carbon bikes elsewhere. Follow Us. Up close, you kind of get the feeling that durability is equally (if not more) important to looks, and if the sound the frame makes when rocks smack it is anything to go by, I’ll stick my neck out and say you’ll still see HB160s going strong in about twenty years time. Much like a Model-T Ford, the frame can be any color you want as long as it’s black. Registered in England and Wales. These 70mm thick, machined billet slabs fold together and eventually form the HB160’s massive monocoque front triangle. I’ve followed on from Simon’s lead and feedback on the early prototypes, and, in terms of suspension and geometry, I’ve kind of been a bit biased in making a bike that suits me. Plus d’infos : La sensazione è di una sospensione ottimamente tarata già di serie. Chain - Sram X01 Eagle. Easy to pick up and turn, tighter here meant more flow in multiple switchbacks and an ability to scythe through twisty tree-lined paths. It’s a fraction upright in man-made berms and jumps, but still has a real carve to it and good corner exit speed. Doch dieser Name steht nun auch für etwas neues, für eine Evolution in der Entwicklung, die Ausnutzung der Fräskunst um die Verarbeitung vor Ort auf ein neues Level zu heben, Carbon aus Großbritannien. Bookmark. Si raggiunge piuttosto facilmente stando in sella e di sporco ne prende davvero poco. It’s a solid bike with a bit of personality, and chasing Guillaume down his local trails you can catch what it’s trying to say. Hope’s HB.130 is its second bike, following the release of the HB.160 in 2018. 71116 Gärtringen. A lack of compatibility with existing hub and axle components comes partly from a pretty unique opportunity to fiddle by making both parts and frame. One build and four sizes on offer with options to change the Hope components to suit you (stem length etc.) An exercise in what can be accomplished if a brand who also manufactured essentially everything but suspension, tires, and a few drivetrain bits, sought to build a complete bike with little regard for industry standards. At £5,500, the new RRP of the Hope HB.160 puts a British-made superbike well within the realms of … Small . BB18 5PX. Hope launched its first complete mountain bike, the HB160, to a lukewarm reception. Radsport Kimmerle. In this raw, natural terrain, and the HB160 made good sense. Se cercate una Mtb da enduro unica nel suo genere, con prestazioni di alto livello e capace di attirare lo sguardo di tutti (soprattutto dei più esperti), la Hope Hb.160 fa per voi. S’il refroidira les réfractaires aux “standards” particuliers, il ravira les amateurs de technique et de belle mécanique qui adhèrent à la philosophie de Hope, souhaitent rouler sur un vélo d’exception… et qui savent se montrer patients vu le très faible nombre d’exemplaires annoncé ! After several weeks of shooting and working, I present you the final video of PSYCHOSE. Socials. Size: Large. Cassette VTT Hope XC Enduro 11 vitesses valutazione 5.0 di 5 di 1. Sei la nostra unica speranza! Il carro da 435 mm e la posizione in sella ben centrata aiutano la guida anche sulle pendenze più accentuate. Geometry chart above includes updates. 29er trail bike with 130mm travel It’s not really a long, planted enduro race rig, more a bike that can climb up most things and get down anything in the local mountains around Briançon.”. I 160 mm di escursione hanno un comportamento impeccabile, cioè è molto sensibile all’inizio e con un’ottima progressività sul finale della corsa. – Prezzo telaio e/o bici: 9 Tel:01433 621111 … Il triangolo anteriore è evidentemente ben progettato. Il cambio Sram Xx1 abbinato al pacco pignoni Hope 10-44 è preciso e abbinato alla corona da 30 denti offre un ottimo range di rapporti tra salita e discesa. La bici, con questo allestimento, in taglia M, senza pedali e con gomme con camera d’aria, pesa 14,1 Kg, cioè non è un peso record, ma i componenti Hope non sono famosi per essere leggerissimi e poi va detto che ruote e sospensioni sono pronte a tutto! Geisterfahrer Sapere aude! Utilizza pochissimi standard attuali poiché inizialmente è stata sviluppata come un concetto di design piuttosto che come un prodotto. 4; 5; 6; Erste Vorherige 6 von 6 Wechsle zu Seite. This standover aspect seems a bit weird on a brand new bike now that 170mm droppers exist as well. Aug 28, 2019 - The Hope HB.160. Weiter. Le HB 160 colle au terrain et offre un confort génial même dans les pires sections. Sicher, einfach und schnell - greif jetzt zu! Handlebar: Hope Carbon … Il grip offerto dalle gomme Maxxis con cerchi da 35 mm è più che abbondante ovunque. Hier sehr wir ein vorbildliches Beispiele wie man eine Bike aufbaut! Oct 25, 2018 - The Hope HB.160. Hope Technology. The headtube area is noticeably stiff, even compared to other carbon enduro bikes. – Impressioni di guida in salita: 8,5 Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube Pinterest Subscribe RSS. Fermer . S frame : no change, M frame : 5mm off, L frame : 10mm off, XL frame : 10mm off. Quindi ottimi i cerchi larghi per le pietre e lo sconnesso, ma un po’ meno sullo scorrevole con molte curve e cambi di direzione. Medium. Riguardo la larghezza dei cerchi invece posso dire che tendono a “squadrare” parecchio il profilo della gomma conferendo un’impronta a terra maggiore rispetto al solito rendendo, quindi, lo sterzo un po’ più pesante. After years of rumours & speculation the Barnoldswick-based company have finally put an end to it all & released the new Hope HB160 – A UK Designed & Manufactured 160mm Travel Carbon Enduro Bike!. These 70mm thick, machined billet slabs fold together and eventually form the HB160’s massive monocoque front triangle. Weiter. – Impressioni di guida in discesa: 9,5 It’s designed as a tough, durable mountain bike for a bit of everything, and results from a long journey for the brand. Hope, der Name steht für Hoffnung, und, für uns Biker, für wunderschön gefräste Aluminiumbauteile aus Großbritannien. taken off the roof rack, snapped the roof lock off, the thief left another bike behind. Frame Carbon/Composite. NORTH. COMPONENT INTERGRATION Continuing the manufacturing theme, Hope can design and machine whatever components they need for the bike allowing them to integrate many of the parts to the frame. 829 0 0. It was a design exercise, built to showcase the brand’s manufacturing capabilities. #hopetech #HB160. Tweet Copiez ce code html pour placer cette vidéo sur votre site, votre blog ou votre MySpace . von nuts. Für den Racer super. These bikes, now dubbed the HB.160, will only be sold through 11 U.K. dealers at launch. Hope HB.160 – Bike Build. 1352 3 0. Tel:01282 851400 After more than a year of testing, Hope is finally selling this new bike (now called the HB.160) in limited numbers. Grazie alla produzione 100% in Europa, la cura in ogni dettaglio delle lavorazioni al CNC è ai massimi livelli. Le manca solo qualche piccolo dettaglio che l’avrebbe resa perfetta: un portaborraccia e una protezione per i foderi del carro. Follow Us. Traduzioni aggiuntive: Inglese: Italiano: hope n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc. Hope simply didn’t have to comply with any ‘normal’ fitment restraints it didn’t agree with, instead coming up with its own hub width and axle design. Molto sensibile e confortevole in discesa e bloccabile in salita. Bookmark. Ho preferito inoltre velocizzare leggermente il ritorno per renderla ancora un po’ più reattiva e pronta sugli impatti ravvicinati. 131 0 0. Hope Technologie Ltd. ist ein britischer Hersteller von Fahrradkomponenten mit Sitz in Barnoldswick in der Grafschaft Lancashire.Die Firma ist bekannt für besonders hochwertige Bremsen, Naben, Innenlager, Kettenblätter und Beleuchtung und hat ihren Schwerpunkt im Mountainbike Bereich.. Geschichte. Hope HB.160 - Behind the Bike. Since 1989, owners Ian Weatherill and Simon Sharp have been pushing the industry forward through designing, testing and manufacturing virtually all products in-house at the factory in Barnoldswick, United Kingdom. HB HOME HB.130 HB.130 FR HB NEWS RIDERS Dealers CONCEPT TECH SUPPORT ARCHIVE Back United Kingdom Austria Belgium ... Hope Mill, Calf Hall Road, Barnoldswick, Lancashire BB18 5PX. und 15 Uhr bis 17:30 Uhr. Questo porta il voto da 6 a 9,5. – Impressioni di guida sul pedalato: 8,5 Stollenverlust und Schlitze in den Seitenwänden. By using this website, you agree to our use of cookies. Obviously, diving straight in with full suspension, and that fancy, dangerous-to-work-with carbon stuff nearly everyone else heads to the Far East for is a brave move. Cookies help us deliver our services. Enjoy. Compare. Wheel Set: Hope tech Pro 4 hubs laced to Hope Tech 35W Rims Via Sapim Spokes. Hope HB.160 - Behind the Bike by hopetech Add to Favorites Added to Favorites Views: 6,687 Faves: 40 Comments: 2 Geometry chart above includes updates. The Hope HB.160 began as an experiment. Hope-HB160 You basically have to accept that not every bike suits everybody, and this is the way we’ve chosen to do it.” The large frame I opted for in France has shorter numbers than I’m used to with 439mm reach, a 65.5-degree head angle and a 1,195mm wheelbase. von nuts. The building of a Hope HB.160. Big thanks to everyone at Hope for letting us get your new bike dirty! 4 – COMPORTAMENTO SUL PEDALATO Nei saliscendi bisogna sfruttare al massimo la quantità di moto guadagnata in discesa per portare velocità sul tratto in salita, e vi assicuro che di velocità in discesa ne fa… ? Il grip non manca veramente mai e sembra di non arrivare mai a fine escursione. 80%: The percentage of staff employed by hope who live in the Barnoldswick community; 6 to 9 weeks’ worth: The approximate amount of raw material stocked at any one time; 50%: The volume of goods produced now exported; £500,000: The cost of just one of the CNC machines working round the clock. After a few runs, and a couple of clicks less low and high speed compression the back tyre bit more into flat turns and the X2 felt more lively, but still with plenty feedback. Escapade7 #hopetech #HB160 The long-teased, rarely ridden passion project is finally a reality. The narrower rear end really was a thing too; it does slink through tighter gaps and pointy edges better for a not-insignificant advantage. After a morning rattling rocks and hairpins, Hope’s bike had just kind of slipped into the countryside, meshed into me and got on with it. “Like the rest of Hope’s products, we weren’t going for the lightest. von nuts. Hope tech hb 160, carbon frame, hope bars and hope stem, hope rims with hope hubs, yellow rear spring shock, ohlins 160mm forks, hope crank and pedals, hope tech brakes. >>> First ride on the Hope HB160 carbon enduro bike. Hope HB160 2019 Optional Upgrades Upgrade Item Price Decal Kit Seven colour options, Fork, Shock and Rims £30; Carbon Wheelset Santacruz Reserve 30 rims on Pro4 hubs £1350 L’orizzontale da 590 mm in taglia M, unito alla lunghezza del carro di 435 mm mantengono l’interasse contenuto a 1169 mm (tg M) rendendo la Hope Hb.160 facile da guidare a molto divertente anche nello stretto. Non c’è mai stata l’idea di diventare un marchio di biciclette, ma piuttosto di avere la soddisfazione di produrre una bici completamente realizzata in casa: era questo il sogno di Ian Weatherill e del compianto Simon Sharp, co-fondatori di Hope. Il giunto Horst funziona veramente bene in questa fase soprattutto se pensiamo all’abbinamento con l’ammortizzatore Fox Float X2 Hope réalise là un bike hyper performant doté d’une suspension arrière vraiment extra. £3 million worth of machinery is run by one staff member alone. This gets baked at various temperature and pressure regimes for a couple of hours, before peeling the two halves to reveal the front end. Hope Technology (IPCO) Ltd. Fast jeder Schritt ist zu erkennen. Unser Testrad. Ersteller nuts; Erstellt am 21. Frame - Hope HB.160. Where Hope’s aluminium expertise is etched into the process is in the hollow moulds the carbon fibre sheets are laid into. Qui viene il bello: la sospensione posteriore è capace di digerire di tutto! Features Disc brake. 135 0 0. Di serie questo telaio esce con ammortizzatore Fox Float X2 con doppia regolazione sia in estensione che compressione e “Lock”. – Efficienza sospensione posteriore nel pedalato: 8 Maybe it’s just the romance of the story that gets under you skin, the uniqueness of the machine and the way it gets on with all the trails pointed at it that sucks you in by the end? Ciò rende semplici le modifiche alle dimensioni del disco rispetto all’attuale montaggio Postmount delle pinze che varia di posizione con le diverse dimensioni del disco. Rated 5 di 5 di tintin da super cassette Montée sur roue Hope moyeu pro4 en 10-48 avec dérailleur sram gx 11v chape longue, passage de vitesses très bon et étagement excellent. This is "Hope HB.160 - Bike Build" by hopetech on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. The heavily machined stays look pretty funky and Hope is also experimenting with a funky way to make them by using a bonded, rather than welded, assembly technique, so it can use a better grade of aluminium that doesn’t like welding guns. Frame Material: Carbon. Last month, Andi was lucky enough to fly over to France and meet the Hope HB160 in the flesh. … Hope has lowered the seat tube due to feedback received. We aim for durability, and want to know our stuff is going to survive. Mittwoch Nachmittag geschlossen. The HB160 front end is deliberately left unpainted to show off the quality of the carbon bought in locally, and the lack of filler and resin. 07034 21221 . The HB.160 also made the move to radially mounted rear brakes since once again, Hope was building everything so they could build a better system. You have to tip your hat to that, and to a machine, the likes of which you’ll not see come around everyday. Partager. Company Number: 02658410 VAT Number: GB 927176994 Registered Office: Hope Mill, Calf Hall Road, Barnoldswick, Lancashire. – Efficienza sospensione posteriore in discesa: 9 La forcella Fox Float 36 RC2 Factory resta sempre una delle mie preferite, impeccabile nel funzionamento e sensibile ad ogni regolazione. Alzandosi sui pedali la forcella Fox Float 36 RC2 non si può bloccare e quindi tende ad affondare. Il manubrio Hope Carbon da 780 mm offre un braccio di leva adeguato alla mole e al tipo di utilizzo che si può fare di questa Mtb. Hope HB.160 - Behind the Bike by hopetech Add to Favorites Added to Favorites Views: 6,687 Faves: 40 Comments: 2 iscritta al tribunale di Tivoli (registrazione n° 7/2013) Iscrizione al ROC (Registro degli Operatori di Comunicazione) n°23681 del 15/07/2013, Questo sito o gli strumenti terzi da questo utilizzati utilizzano cookie, anche di terze parti, per inviarti pubblicità e servizi in linea con le tue preferenze.. Chiudendo questo banner, scorrendo questa pagina, cliccando su un link o proseguendo la navigazione in altra maniera, acconsenti all'uso dei cookie. Tuttavia anche aprendo la compressione il sostegno in pedalata è buono, basta mantenere una cadenza di pedalata rotonda. x. You’re obviously locked in to a special Hope hub set up, but not necessarily the rims if you wanted to chuck even more money at wheel build choices afterwards. This is "Hope HB.160 - Behind the Bike" by hopetech on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. Hope have slashed the price of their HB.160 carbon full suspension bike by two thousand pounds and have committed to refunding the difference to existing owners. In questo frangente riesce a essere comunque sempre molto efficace. Besuchen Sie uns auch auf unseren ande Hope Technology / HB.160. Le Hope HB.160 n’est donc pas parfait, mais c’est un superbe vélo, exceptionnel dans ses choix techniques mais moins radical au niveau de sa géométrie. Read it's strength, weaknesses, find deals and pricing - HB HOME HB.130 HB.130 FR HB NEWS RIDERS Dealers United Kingdom Austria Belgium Denmark France Germany Luxemburg Netherlands Czech Republic and Slovakia Sweden Switzerland USA New Zealand Austrailia Rest of the world CONCEPT TECH SUPPORT ARCHIVE. Ma il fatto di realizzare tutto in azienda ha permesso di mantenere dei controlli qualitativi più alti e con tempi di correzione ed elaborazione del prodotto più brevi. ([sb], [sth] you rely on)speranza nf sostantivo femminile: Identifica un essere, un oggetto o un concetto che assume genere femminile: scrittrice, aquila, lampada, moneta, felicità: You're our only hope! XL frame : 10mm off. BB18 5PX. After one day on lifts, the HB160 left a solid impression, but the front tyre went missing on blown out dust a couple of times, and I still hadn’t totally synced with the bars and front wheel being closer than normal. Kaufe jetzt Fahrradteile und Fahrradzubehör von Hope bequem und sicher im Online Shop von bike-components. It’s worked great on the HB.160 so they’ve continued it on the HB.130. There are unique features like Hope’s thread-together, non-preloaded, BB30 bottom bracket, but it’s the bike’s back end that’ll have those averse to new ‘standards’ coming out in a rash. Tel: +44 (0) 1282 851400 Not just making another copycat product for a first bike is impressive, and the bloody-mindedness and the passion that’s gone into the HB160 is written all over it, and, ultimately, worthy of respect. It felt like it needed stretching out a bit to shift about in, and also lowering for the bike park, especially as the frame height was affecting knee clearance with saddle slammed. Hope – The building of a Hope HB.160. The design (kind of) achieves a similar, wider wheel brace angle to Boost 148, and relies on the hub flanges sitting tight to the brake rotor. Hope HB.160 mountain bike first ride review. Category Full-suspension All-mountain/Enduro MTB. La Hope Hb.160 si pedala bene considerato il fatto che abbiamo ben 160 mm di escursione a disposizione. Tag: Hope HB.160 VIDEO TEST - Hope Hb.160: unica, splendida follia meccanica Cercavate un Mtb da enduro unica nel suo genere con 160 mm di escursione, triangolo anteriore in fibra di carbonio, realizzata in Europa, con componenti e dettagli realizzati al CNC ad un prezzo concorrenziale? – Geometria: 9,5 2 – COMPORTAMENTO IN SALITA Guillaume already touched on the conventional geometry, and explained, “We wanted a lively, manoeuvrable, playful bike and not to go over the top with longer and slacker numbers. Hope HB.160 - Behind the Bike. In terms of shape, the HB160 is available in four sizes. Io ho preferito dare leggermente più sostegno alle alte velocità in compressione e sfrenare un po’ il ritorno alle basse, ma con il Fox Float X2 tutto è possibile! Se a questo aggiungiamo che è facile e divertente da guidare, con spiccate doti discesistiche anche quando si vuole andare molto forte allora il pacchetto per una Mtb da enduro è completo! The back wheel tracks well over bike park chop and holes when pulling the brakes too. bis Fr. Februar 2004 Punkte für Reaktionen 5.726 Standort Nordbaden. Hope mechanic Doddy set up the sag, slapped a 35mm stem on and I took it up the hill. Vidéo de vtt, 21 825 vues Publiée le 21 août 2017 sur Zapiks par 26in. Hope Technology (IPCO) Ltd. Speaking of HB.160 pricing, Hope has dropped the cost of entry significantly, something that might have slipped past our radar a bit last year. A long time in the making. Certamente non è la migliore soluzione per la compatibilità, ma quando realizzi ogni parte in casa puoi permetterti qualcosa in più rispetto ad una produzione in grande serie. Straight off the first lift in Serre Chevalier (and a week riding a 19.5in Trek Slash), the HB160 took some time adjusting to the sizing, but not to the general feel and front to rear balance. Built durable like Hope wanted, it’s over 14kg with proper tyres and the chunkiness is noticeable on flatter ground. La Hope Hb.160 ha un costo di 7599€ con ammortizzatore Fox Float X2 , e considerata la produzione 100% Made in Uk sono riusciti a rimanere concorrenziali. First ride: Hope HB.160 . taken off the roof rack, snapped the roof lock off, the thief left another bike behind. E’ una Mtb da enduro con 160 mm di escursione anteriore e posteriore, con triangolo anteriore in fibra di carbonio 100% Made in Uk! Next year, Hope plans on replicating that exclusive dealer model in other markets. Dropper Post: RockShox Reverb. It also means going straight against the big players at the top end with that price tag too. Brakes: Hope Tech 3 E4 w/Hope Rotors. Company Number: 02658410 VAT Number: GB 927176994 Registered Office: Hope Mill, Calf Hall Road, Barnoldswick, Lancashire. Subscribe to our free newsletter and stay up-to-date with the latest from Bike Magazine Sign Up. Measured static, the 340mm BB is normal, but the HB160 rides tighter in the mid stroke, so doesn’t sit in and put feet as low as some other 160mm bikes. Design Flat Bar, Full suspension. Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest Youtube RSS. This is because it reckons carbon is the best material for the job. Hope HB.160 : notre prise en main “Bah, c’est un vélo, quoi…”, nous répond-on quand on manifeste notre impatience à enfin enfourcher l’engin. Il cambio Sram Xx1 abbinato al pacco pignoni Hope 10-44 è  preciso e abbinato alla corona da 30 denti offre un ottimo range di rapporti tra salita e discesa. Arndstr.2. Hope Your are Rocks! Hand built in Barnoldswick, UK, this 160mm all Mountain/Trial/Enduro style bike is hand crafted using SHD’s VTC401 carbon fibre prepreg. – Assetto in sella: 9 La cura rivolta nel passaggio dei cavi (con porte di ingresso di dimensioni che facilitano il lavoro di assemblaggio e manutenzione), le lavorazioni sul carro, i freni, la trasmissione, i mozzi descrivono quanto lavoro e quanta passione ci sia dietro. Il reggisella telescopico RockShox Reverb Stealth II ha una corsa da 150 mm e ciò, abbinato al tubo piantone da 44 cm di lunghezza, permette al reggisella di essere completamente infilato con un’altezza di sella pari a circa 70 cm. Stefano Chiri, Codice fiscale/Partita Iva: 12248771003 Numero REA: 1361360 | MtbCult è una testata giornalistica La realizzazione in casa gli ha permesso di produrre una Mtb da enduro senza compromessi. Until any such bike’s produced though, it’s pure speculation whether it’d have half as much charisma as Hope’s managed to hammer into its own dream bike. It’s limited numbers only now, but Hope is aiming to make and sell about ten frames a week once everything is up to speed. Partager. Now it’s back with a brand new 29er trail bike – does the Hope HB130 pack some proper lead in its pencil? Hope has unveiled an early prototype of its second ever bike, the HB.130, at Core Bike 2019.